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Grandma thanks Idaho trooper for traffic stopGrandma writes letter thanking Idaho trooper for professionalism, kindness during traffic stop
The Associated Press10 hours ago
This July 29, 2014 photo shows a calico lobster at the Explore the Ocean World Oceanarium in Hampton, N.H. Captain Josiah Beringer, of the fishing vessel Patricia Lynn, caught the lobster in one of his traps and donated the 1 ½-pound, 5-year-old male lobster to the aquarium. Ellen Goethel, a marine biologist and owner of the Oceanarium said calico lobsters are the "second most rare lobster" in the world, after albino lobsters. (AP Photo/Portsmouth Herald, Deb Cram)
Man finds calico lobster, gives it to aquariumFisherman finds 1-in-30-million calico lobster, donates it to New Hampshire aquarium
The Associated Press11 hours ago
This Sunday, July 27, 2014 booking photo provided by Bernalillo County shows Freddy Shelby. Shelby faces charges after authorities say a couple found him naked and sleeping in their bed. According to a criminal complaint, Shelby broke into the couple's home through a window and grabbed a Sprite from the refrigerator before falling asleep in the master bedroom. Authorities say the homeowners found a disrobed Shelby in a deep sleep. (AP Photo/Bernalillo County)
Police: Naked intruder fell asleep in couple's bedPolice: Naked intruder fell asleep in New Mexico couple's bed, stole a soda
The Associated Press13 hours ago
In this Monday, July 28, 2014 photo visitors walk through a crop circle in a wheat field near Raisting, southern Germany. A balloonist had discovered the crop circle about a week ago. Since then thousands of esoteric fans came to visit the circle whose appearance is unknown. Farmer Christoph Huttner, the owner of the field, says that he is not responsible for the crop circle. (AP Photo/dpa, Karl-Josef Hildenbrand)
Crop circle in Germany attracts many visitorsMysterious crop circle on Bavarian wheat field attracts many visitors
The Associated Press13 hours ago
Houston firm offers space flights for pet remainsHouston company expands from human remains, space flights soon for cremated pets
The Associated Press13 hours ago
'Spider-Man' fights Dubliner in street, goes viralCaught on the Web: Man dressed as Spider-Man fights Irishman in Dublin street, goes viral
The Associated Press14 hours ago
Indianapolis man buys 2 $1M tickets in 3 monthsTwice as nice: Indianapolis man celebrating 2nd $1 million lottery ticket win in past 3 months
The Associated Press18 hours ago
In this Saturday, July 26, 2014 photo, Mary Moniz holds her honorary high school diploma at her home in East Providence, R.I., awarded by the Fall River, Mass., school department. On Monday she celebrated her 100th birthday. Moniz attended high school in Fall River for two years until her family moved back to the Azores amid the Great Depression. She moved back to the United States in 1949, but never completed school. (AP Photo/The Herald News, Michael Gagne)
Centenarian gets honorary high school diplomaRhode Island centenarian gets honorary high school diploma from Massachusetts
The Associated Press1 day ago
Pesky pig that scared kids on Maine trail capturedPesky 80-pound pig that attacked woman, scared children on Maine walking trail captured
The Associated Press1 day ago
Pennsylvania town gets wet yet again on Rain DayIt was only a sprinkle, but it counts: Southwestern Pennsylvania town gets wet on Rain Day
The Associated Press1 day ago
Employees of a rat extermination company check out for rats in The Tuileries gardens of the Louvre Muesum in Paris, France, Tuesday, July 29, 2014. Rats have been on the rampage on the grass in broad daylight, defying death threats from sanitation workers. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)
Elegant Louvre Garden in Paris infested with ratsBold rats romp in broad daylight on grass of elegant Louvre Garden in Paris, scaring tourists
The Associated Press1 day ago
Couple wants middle names to include 'Seamonster'Couple wants to add 'Seamonster' to names; Massachusetts court to hear petition
The Associated Press1 day ago
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